Nicki Minaj & Future Both Dropped Same Song "Rich Sex" But Who Did It Better?

Songs sharing the same name is hardly an uncommon phenomenon.  With so many rappers sharing common interests of amassing riches, taking and/or selling drugs, engaging in endless sex, and general pride-fuelled aggression, the usual favorites tend to get recycled and repurposed.  Generally, repetitive song titles tend to limit themselves to a single word.  Every so often, the two-word variant slips through.  Harmless, to be sure.  Simply an observation.

Today marked the arrival of a high profile duet, as Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne dropped off “Rich Sex. ” Set to be the third official single of Queen, the raunchy meeting of the minds finds both longtime friends and collaborators discussing the bar set by an impressive net worth. 

“I like money more than dick, n****a, that’s a fact,” admits Nicki, ever industrious.  “You think Pu**y’s everything? Well, let’s have a chat. ” In the track’s hook, Nicki makes no secret of her priorities, going so far as to ban all blue collar carnal desires from her circle.

Lyrically, the song is. . . . . .
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